Member’s Grill Room

Our Member’s Grill Room is a private section of the Aerie where Eagles Members gather to socialize. Aerie events are held here and access to this area is restricted to members in good standing only.

Daily Lunch Specials

11 AM – 4 PM ONLY $5.95

  • Monday – Closed for lunch.  Open at 4:00 pm
  • Tuesday – Closed for lunch.  Open at 4:00 pm
  • Wednesday – Swiss Steak
  • Thursday – City Chicken
  • Friday – Fish and Macaroni and Cheese

All specials include salad, roll and choice of mashed potatoes or home fries

Other Specials

  • Thursday – Buy 1 get 1 free Burgers

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Drawings are held in the Grill Room, as well as 200 Club drawings, and other private events. Members can try their luck at instant bingo.


Our full menu is available in the Grill Room. A variety of seating including Tables,  Bar seating, Side Bar or cozy Booths makes this room’s warm and comfortable ambiance a privilege and benefit of membership!


Kitchen Hours

Monday and Tuesday – Closed for lunch.  Open at 4:00 pm for dinner

Wednesday and Thursday
Breakfast 9am • Lunch-Dinner 11am-9pm

Friday & Saturday
Breakfast 9am • Lunch-Dinner 11am-10pm